An Overview Of The Luxury Log Cabin

When someone is considering building a luxury log homes, then there are many details which must be considered to insure that a high quality home is being built.

The logs species are the first item. For a handcrafted cabin, the hand peeling of the logs leaves much more of the original wood material that is being used instead of being milled away. With the deviations in the logs, the character is being passed on to the dwelling. The Draw knife marks leave many flat edges and as the bark is carefully removed, it certainly then reveals the beauty within.

A whiter wood is offered by both Engelmann Spruce and White Pine. Into the logs, a richer rose color is given by Douglas Fir. The two tone is referring to Western Red Cedar. The center is a deep red hue while the outer ring is lighter red in color. When the logs are beveled and recessed for around door and window openings, this rich color is accented and highlighted on the scarf cuts preceding each corner, and it is also visible on the ends. In Spruce or Pine, there is the absence if these richer interiors.

How the logs are fitted together is the second consideration you have for a luxury log cabin. The Scandinavian Full Scribe and Chinking Style, are the two most popular methods for handcrafted Log home builders. A much tighter home is the result from the full scribe method which is much more time consuming and labor demanding. The vast majority of “chinker” style cabins rely on chinking, caulking, and foam, that is in between the rows of logs in order to produce an airtight home.

Each log has a groove channel cut into the underside of the log, and this is true with the Scandinavian Full Scribe cabin. Between each “round” or row, there should be a production of a seal of log that overlaps, and this is the main objective. The logs will cleave tighter together over time and this is with the over scribe method.

For a chink style cabin, there is no seen overlapping of the wood on wood. Instead, they are chain sawed flat on the top and bottom. To insure a tight fit, the chinking and caulking is placed between the round. Over time, chinking must be reapplied as the logs shrink.

The third consideration would be the insurance against air penetrating into the luxury cabin. A black SofRod insulating gasket is inserted along the edge of each side of the scribed channel on the underside of the log, this is in a full scribed home. The luxury cabin owners are the ones who only spends the extra to add it to their homes as the SofRod gasket is very expensive.

At low quality, it may refer to the Luxury log cabins. No matter what time of the year, warm and cozy getaway place is provided to you by having a finest premium log species, crafted with the Scandinavian Full Scribe method, and extra insulated with SofRod gaskets.

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The Log Cabin Siding Is The Next Best Thing To Having A Log Home

The Log cabin siding is just what it sounds like where your home is just as it is, but the siding is such that your home now looks like a log cabin. As opposed to the entire logs or half-split logs, the log segments are placed as siding for your home and this is for good, solid protection against insects and the elements, and it also provides a down-home, earthy, rustic appearance and feel. There are controversies behind the use between those who deal in log home siding and those who deal in whole Log cabin builders construction of cabins and homes. There are significant concepts of these two controversies.

Manufacturers of log homes built from solid logs have a tendency to lean toward the side of the argument , allowing the log cabin siding to just don’t last very long, but can require ongoing maintenance and care. In reality, those who manufacture the siding say the opposite, especially of those made from woods like cedar. The siding doesn’t have the tendency to rot or shrink back from weather and time and this is in order to create large gaps in between logs that need to be filled with mortar, or “chinked”. Some cabins may have gaps of up to five inches or so between logs, and this is because of the expansion and contraction of logs over time.

However, while log cabin siding manufacturers make this point, those who build log homes say that this would only be true with the sub-standard building practices and materials. When cedars are used, there would be no proneness for rotting, no insect problems and virtually zero shrinking or expansion no matter what the weather is, especially in the case of cabins and cabin kits that are made from pre-cut, pre-shaped, pre-seasoned logs. This can also however, be said for siding, if and only made out of the same materials. The Whole-log construction cabin builders additionally says that the poor construction techniques are the cause of gaps, and building it right in the first place prevents them from ever happening but on the other hand, using siding alone is contributing very little to the “construction”, other than attaching it to the outer face of the home.

A lot less difficult to do and to make would refer to the Log home builders siding. It’s usually made from pines or cedars, and all of the shrinking and expansion from weather are generally avoided by treating the log splits with kiln drying, while also, sealing with borate for insect repelling or sealed for UV protection as well. Compared to what you have really thought of having, the whole process is made simpler and easier to install. Full-log ends may come together with some types of this kind of siding, so that they can cross-cross at the corners for a more rustically natural, real log home look. When you find a company you’re interested at be sure to make a research at all they have to offer.

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Are You Thinking About Buying A Log Cabin For Your Garden?

The cost of log cabins would based on the kinds of logs which have been used and the size of the property. Compared to the cabins where the logs have been milled, cabins that have been built using handcrafted logs are seen to be more expensive.

It is important therefore that before you actually decide on getting such a cabin built, you must know the difference between milled and handcrafted logs. Sawmill, a lathe or a planer, is generally being used to prepare those that have to be milled. Hence, this is to ensure that each log will be cut to a specific profile or shape. Compared to the handcrafted ones, it was discovered that the milled logs have a far more uniformed shape and size.

Additionally, the milled Log home builders are discovered to be the ones where the wood has been either air or kiln dried. This enables the right amount of moisture to be extracted from the wood before they are being used to build a home.

Flat on the top and bottom of each one, as they may also have been coped is the actual surface appearance of these kinds of logs. In some cases, a tongue and groove joint will also have been inserted and this is so that the actual assembling of the cabin would be a lot easier. This is also to make it much more rigid and strong. These logs can be left with a rougher side just to offer a more rustic look but it can also be sanded smooth.

The pine, cedar, spruce or fir, are the most favored types of woods, which are also commonly being used to produce milled logs for cabins. The type of cabin that uses the cedar are believed to be the most expensive while the least expensive type of log cabin using the milled process are ones that are made from pine or spruce.

The handcrafted logs, have been prepared by being hand peeled using either a drawknife or through the use of water. The actual logs themselves when being prepared are color green and will only be cut and hauled a few days or weeks before. Moreover, unlike milled logs, these are allowed to air dry only as kiln drying is a very expensive process, and as these need to be dried while they are still at their full lengths after cutting.

The types of trees that are most favored for handcrafted log cabins would include: Douglas fir, Pine and Spruce. Woods such as Oak, Juniper, Cyprus and Alpine Fir that is also known as True Firs, are preferred by some log cabin companies.

The way the logs have been prepared, and the size of the property, are the two basis for the exact cost of the log cabins. Significantly, it also includes the amount of time and effort that it takes to actually construct the cabin. As mentioned earlier, the handcrafted ones are more expensive than the milled ones because the work is more labor intensive and much larger pieces of wood are being used.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Log Cabins?

Importantly, there are a number of facts that you have to know with regards to log cabins. And indeed, they are known to be environment friendly. This article helps those who are not yet fully convinced to have a log home built, to finally do it. The minimum code criteria of energy efficiency is exceeded by the thermal mass features of wood. Likewise, almost all of the materials used by most log home producers are renewable.

The handcrafted log homes and the milled log homes, are the two types of log homes. Among all the log houses already built, only 10% are those built with individually handcrafted logs with the use of handheld tools. It still have their original natural looks unchanged as though a log house is handcrafted that is made of logs that were peeled. Additionally, the 90% of the log homes built are made of milled logs. To build the milled log homes, it uses the milled logs that is otherwise known as the machine-profiled logs. Removing the natural features of the tree or the log, while also creating timbers that have uniform appearances and sizes, are possible with the logs that went through a manufacturing process.

Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Orlando, Tennessee and West Virginia, were the states that are most popular when it comes to having most log homes constructed and this is because it was in the year 2003 where much of the figures regarding log homes were truly made complete. Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York, are the popular states that houses the biggest numbers of log home producers or manufacturers in the same year. This are the states where you can go to, and find your home producer or even your home location.

There were 5 other U.S, aside from Lincoln and Jackson as mentioned above. It was in log cabins where Presidents James Buchanan and Adlai Stevenson were born. This is the very reason why the log homes became a good symbol of American politics’ humble beginnings. To show to the Americans that he was a people’s man, William Henry Harrison made use of log cabins, along with the “Whigs”. By living in a log cabin or by working in one, this is the way were some of the U.S. Presidents made use of this and this is to lead them to victorious presidential election. Stevenson, had a landslide victory over Dwight Eisenhower, after declaring that he was born in a log cabin and professed his poor beginnings.

The fast becoming a favorite new toy among the young that is already available in the market are called the Lincoln Logs. The most famous figurehead associated with log cabins is Abraham Lincoln and the name of the toy was after his. The owner can construct a scale structure, only miniature-sized, of a log cabin, as the toy has a variety of notched dowel rods that can be fitted together.

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Searching For The Affordable Log Cabin Kits

There is undeniable popularity brought about by Log cabins in some of the resorts, camp sites and woodland locations. There are many people who are investing in this type of home as their permanent dwelling or as a rest house, and this is typically because of its simplicity and beauty. The Log cabins are said to be sturdy and it elicits the natural beauty of log materials.

A lot of people who want to build cabins are restricted by their financial capacities, and this is amidst its popularity. With regards to the cost, the Log cabins are known to be more expensive. There are many manufacturers who developed a way to decrease the time and money needed to construct a cabin and this is by introducing log cabin kits. Compared with the traditional construction method, the Log cabin kits are more affordable and could be finished in lesser time.

The Log cabin kit is a complete set of a home package. In the factory, the different parts of the cabin are being manufactured and this is according to the specifications of the owner. If all the parts are completely manufactured, then, it will be transported to the site where it will be assembled.

A complete package of the log cabin kits would include: the blueprints of the cabin, materials and the pre-manufactured parts. You do not have to worry about how to assemble, as the Log cabins are assembled faster with less trouble since the parts are carefully made based on the designs.

Renting for heavy equipments such as cranes and trucks, are absent in log cabin kits, and this is its one major advantage. Since the parts are made up of several pieces, you just have to use the most common tools to assemble it. You also need fewer number of people to work on it.

These kits come in many and different designs, sizes and structures. Your own design can be achieved, and this is where the manufacturers will make the necessary parts for you. When making the Custom made log cabin kits, this would be based on the specifications of the owner.

With other log cabins, the materials used for these kits are similarly sturdy. All materials and parts will undergo into a rigid quality control and this is to ensure the durability of the cabin when assembled. You must follow the instructions indicated in the manual that came from the manufacturer and this is true when assembling the parts of the log cabin. The manual includes the information on the proper installation of each part of the cabin.

More and more tourist spots have taken advantage on this option and allowed them to construct beautiful log homes for their rental business, and this is basically because of the kits available. The log cabin kits provided the people the opportunity to build their dream log cabin without spending too much money for the construction.

You would surely find the log cabin kit which suits your taste after you take a visit on some of the sites in the internet when you are planning to build one for your family. They certainly provides you with the photos and specific technical description of their available log cabin kits. Today, there are several and different types of designs you can choose from so, you have to take your time in searching for your ideal log cabin home.

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